2019 Women's Congress Cabinet

President                                                        Mother Patricia Mayes

Vice-President                                               Sister Connie Davis

Recording Secretary                                     Mother Sharon Polite

Assistant Recording Secretary                    Sister Emma Hill

Chairperson of Finance                               Sister Bernice Harris

Financial Secretary                                      Mother Thelma Washington

Assistant Financial Secretary                     Mother Rosa Jefferson

Marshall                                                        Mother Mae Williams

Auxiliary Officers, Minister’s Wives & Widows

President                                                        Mother Betty Jones

Vice-President                                               Mother Bertha Ward

Recording Secretary                                     Deaconess Stephanie Gaines

Assistant Recording Secretary                     Mother Pamela Rush- Davis

Treasurer                                                       Mother Sharon Snelling


Mothers & Deaconesses

President                                                        Mother Angela Kirkland

Vice-President                                               Mother Della Harris.

Recording Secretary                                     Mother Jewel Holmes

Assistant Recording Secretary                     Mother Vitalis Dennis

Treasurer                                                       Mother Thelma Washington


Women of the Church

President                                                        Sister Cathy White

Vice-President                                               Sister Runette Jackson-Turner

Recording Secretary                                     Sister Jerrlyne Jackson

Assistant Recording Secretary                     Sister Velinda Cofield

Financial Secretary                                       Sister Freddie Ash

Ushers Guild

President                                                        Sister Pamela Haynes

Vice-President                                               Mother Eva Miller

Recording Secretary                                     Sister Jania Jones

Assistant Recording Secretary                     Sister Velinda Cofield

Financial Secretary                                       Sister Bettye Gilliam



President                                                        Mother Yvonne Dorsey

Vice-President                                               Sister Diane Johnson

Recording Secretary                                     Sister Josie Smith

Assistant Recording Secretary                     Sister Gloria McBride

Financial Secretary                                       Sister Emma Hill

Advisor                                                           Mother Minnie Whitaker



President                                                        Mother Twanna Jackson

Vice-President                                               Sister Cami Chambers-Edwards

Recording Secretary                                     Mother Lonnie Wheeler

Assistant Recording Secretary                     Mother Brenda Austin

Financial Secretary                                       Mother Sharon Polite

Treasurer                                                       Sister Marilyn Hudson


Youth & Young Adults

President                                                        Sister Shanterrious Johnson

Vice-President                                               Sister Adrienne Forbing

Recording Secretary                                     Sister Akira Ross

Assistant Recording Secretary                     Sister Nataki Close

Financial Secretary                                      Sister Amaya Waymon

Youth Director                                              Sister Connie Davis